Audit Reporting in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Keep your system in good shape and your auditors happy with effortless, accurate audit reporting

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and SQL reports

Reporting on Segregation of Duties and user access in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is very cumbersome and technically demanding – and unlikely to yield accurate, actionable information.

Our specialized tools and services make it very easy to run regular reports which identify vulnerabilities and help you keep your access and Segregation of Duties clean.

Ready access to the information you need to make your audit go smoothly

Our comprehensive reports provide much of the evidence that auditors need, with no demand on your technical team.

Flexible, detailed enquiries give you rapid, accurate answers to specific questions, such as who can access critical programs.

Streamline Audit Reporting in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Find out how our specialized tools and services can help you:
  • A Cloud-based audit service which analyzes your security and Segregation of Duties and delivers results within hours - no technical effort needed
  • Integrated, automated Segregation of Duties and audit reporting to help you identify vulnerabilities and provide evidence for your auditors.
  • Streamline your Access Review Processes and easily produce evidence of review and sign-off by the business for your auditors.
  • Quicker, easier analysis and reporting: Meaningful, actionable information to reduce risk and satisfy auditors.