SOX Compliance in Oracle® E-Business Suite

Eliminate the stress and strain of your next SOX audit

Preparing for SOX audit: Assess the effectiveness of your current security

As new applications are introduced and users come and go, it can be very difficult to keep track of who can access what.

Can you really be sure that there are no major loopholes in your security?

Within hours, and with no technical effort, our Cloud-based Security Audit Service assesses the effectiveness of your current security and identifies SoD conflicts.

Automate Segregation of Duties for fast, accurate results

The workload involved in managing Segregation of Duties (SoD) by spreadsheets and SQL reporting is vast and complex, particularly if you need to cater for frequent changes such as temporary absences, seasonal fluctuations and staff turnover. Many companies don’t spot SoD violations quickly enough to prevent malicious activity or expensive errors.

Our Segregation of Duties solution removes the onerous workload by enabling you to implement effective SoD controls within your live system. It makes it much easier to protect your business and satisfy Sarbanes-Oxley compliance regulations. With it you can:

  • implement your own SoD rules quickly, or adapt our seeded rules to suit your needs
  • scan your live system to detect existing conflicts, and report them ranked by the degree of risk
  • investigate problems and fix them quickly.

Preventive SoD controls help you keep your system clean

Off the box systems and spreadsheets that work on data exports can’t prevent SoD breaches in your live system.

Our tools have preventive controls which help you to enforce your SoD policy. They enable you to:

  • preview the SoD impact of proposed changes to Responsibilities
  • prevent users from accessing functions that would violate your SoD rules.

Take the pain out of Periodic Access Reviews (User Certification)

Conducting Periodic Access Reviews can be an extremely arduous and painful process for everyone involved.

Our Periodic Access Reviews module automates and simplifies the process, so it can be completed with a lot less time and effort.

The Smart Way to Achieve SOX Compliance in Oracle E-Business Suite

Find out how our specialized tools and services can help you:
  • A Cloud-based audit service which analyzes your security and Segregation of Duties and delivers results within hours - no technical effort needed.
  • Integrated, automated Segregation of Duties reporting to help you identify vulnerabilities and provide evidence for your auditors.
  • Streamline Provisioning with a workflow to process access requests and approvals, including preventive Segregation of Duties checks.
  • Tools to automate and speed up the review process, including notifications, reminders, provisioning / deprovisioning and audit trail.