Audit Reporting in Oracle® E-Business Suite

Keep your system in good shape and your auditors happy with efficient Segregation of Duties reporting and streamlined Access Review processes

Automate Segregation of Duties reporting for fast, accurate results

Increasingly auditors expect to see evidence that good Segregation of Duties (SoD) controls are in place.

Many companies use complex spreadsheets, SQL reporting and laborious manual cross-checking procedures to manage SoD, but this is very time-consuming and often unreliable.

Our specialized tools and services make it very easy to run regular reports which identify vulnerabilities and help you keep your access and Segregation of Duties clean.

Automate your Periodic Access Reviews

Access Reviews can be long-winded and painful for all concerned.

Our Periodic Access Reviews module automates the whole review process, including notifications, reminders, provisioning/deprovisioning and audit trail.

It also provides full documentation of all activity, which makes it easy to provide the evidence you need for your auditors.

Streamline Audit Reporting in Oracle E-Business Suite

Find out how our specialized tools and services can help you:
  • A Cloud-based audit service which analyzes your security and Segregation of Duties and delivers results within hours - no technical effort needed.
  • Integrated, automated Segregation of Duties reporting to help you identify vulnerabilities and provide evidence for your auditors.
  • Tools to automate and speed up the review process, including notifications, reminders, provisioning / deprovisioning and audit trail.