Oracle License Audit

Get a handle on your Oracle ERP license position

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Are you compliant with your Oracle ERP License Agreement?

As organizations grow and expand, it can be very difficult to keeps tabs on who’s using what.

But it’s very important to ensure that your ERP license supports the changing needs of your business, while keeping compliant with your license agreement.

QCloud License Audit analyzes your actual ERP usage, providing accurate statistics and forensic evidence about user activity in each module.

As well as helping you monitor your current ERP license position, it can also help you prepare for a visit from the Oracle License management team and plan for future licensing requirements.

Rapid results with no technical effort

With QCloud License Audit, you can run regular checks and receive your results within hours, without needing assistance from your technical team.

The only technical input required is a half hour install of the Q Agent before the first run.

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