Security Management in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Implement tighter security with a fraction of the cost and effort

Sustainable, scalable security that’s easy to manage

Whether you’re designing new security from scratch or redesigning your existing model, we offer tools that automate much of the process. They also make it much easier to manage on-going changes and roll out security to new sites or acquisitions.

With our powerful reports and enquiries, it’s easy to find definitive answers to questions about access and glean the information that you need to find and fix security gaps.

Best Practice efficiencies minimize the maintenance workload

Adopting Roles-based Access Control reduces the security management workload, enabling you to manage security for roles rather than individual users.

Our tools take that approach a step further to yield even greater efficiencies. You can create security for business processes as Components, then add them to every Role that needs to perform that process.

If a process changes, you only need to change the Component to apply the change to all affected Roles and users.  If the Role changes, you simply add or remove the relevant Components.

If you need a pragmatic yet sustainable solution to get effective security in and working as quickly and easily as possible, QuickRoles is an automation tool which enables you to create a Best Practice, compliant Role-based security model very quickly, using Seeded Roles and SoD Rules.

Preventive Segregation of Duties controls help you keep your system clean

Our security management tools enable you to store your Segregation of Duties (SoD) rules within your JDE E1 environment.

When you add or change access rights, you can check for potential SoD conflicts before you update the live security table.

The Smart Way to Manage Security in JD Edwards E1

Find out how our specialized tools and services can help you:
  • For ultra-efficient, scalable and sustainable security, with powerful troubleshooting tools and preventive SoD checks to help you keep your security clean.
  • The fast route to compliant, Role-based Security – import Roles and SoD Rules, customize and be ready to test within hours.
  • Spend less time on security: powerful tools to manage security on the 950 much more efficiently.
  • Integrated, automated Segregation of Duties and audit reporting to help you identify vulnerabilities and provide evidence for your auditors.
  • Streamline Role Assignments with a workflow to process Role requests and approvals, including proactive Segregation of Duties checks prior to assigning Roles.