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Achieving watertight security with the JD Edwards tools is extremely difficult

Managing security in JD Edwards is very complex, time-consuming and frustrating.

Both EnterpriseOne and World are delivered with All Doors Open – ie by default anybody can access anything. Auditors recommend organizations to adopt a policy of All Doors Closed – where everything is locked down, then users are granted access only to the objects they really need to do their jobs.

But, with so many different security types and numerous access paths to programs, achieving it is practically impossible.

No easy way to find out who can access what

Because of the complexities, it’s difficult even to find out exactly who can access a given program, or what a particular user can access.

This makes it hard to ensure that users don’t have inappropriate access rights – as well as to answer your auditors’ questions about access to critical programs.

Making security changes takes too much time and technical skill

The cost and complexity of managing security tends to increase over time, particularly in large organizations where security is managed by a number of different technical staff.

With a wide range of security types to choose from, different team members prefer different methods, so inconsistencies may creep in. Making routine security changes can become a time-consuming job for busy CNCs.

To safeguard your JD Edwards system efficiently you need:

  • Robust, consistent security that is easy and cost-effective to manage
  • Adherence to Best Practice techniques such as Roles-Based Access Control for optimal efficiency and sustainability
  • Accurate information about exactly who can access what, particularly critical and master data programs, to help you identify security gaps that need attention
  • Flexible, reliable reports to help you answer your auditors’ questions
  • An efficient way to manage Segregation of Duties, with detective reports to identify current violations and preventive checks to help you prevent new ones
  • All aspects of your security need to be secure, reliable and auditable

We have specialized tools and services which make it much easier to manage JD Edwards security

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