Fraud Detection and Prevention in Oracle® E-Business Suite

With specialized tools and services to help, you can implement practical, cost-effective measures to reduce the risk of fraud.

Identify vulnerabilities in your security

ERP security is so complex that it’s difficult to find out exactly who can access what and how. But without accurate information, it’s impossible to identify users with inappropriate access rights.

Our audit service enables you to analyze your existing security without any demand on your technical team. It pinpoints weaknesses and makes recommendations for improvements.

Automate Segregation of Duties with preventive and detective controls

Auditors recommend Segregation of Duties (SoD) as an effective way to reduce the risk of internal fraud, but without native tools to help, many Oracle E-Business Suite customers struggle to manage it with SQL reporting and complicated spreadsheets.

We have specialized tools that automate the process. Taking into account the full range of possible access paths, you can analyze your users’ access against your SoD rules and report on violations.

Track changes to critical data to monitor for common frauds

Unauthorized changes to master data should be investigated promptly as they could be a sign of fraudulent activity. But native JD Edwards has no means of alerting you, so such activity can go undetected for a long time and result in huge losses.

Our powerful auditing tools can alert you instantly to suspicious changes and make it easy for you to view and investigate them.

The Smart Way to Reduce the Risk of Fraud in Oracle E-Business Suite

Find out how our specialized tools and services can help you:
  • A Cloud-based audit service which analyzes your security and Segregation of Duties and delivers results within hours - no technical effort needed.
  • Integrated, automated Segregation of Duties reporting to identify vulnerabilities and provide evidence for auditors.
  • Streamline Provisioning with a workflow to process access requests, with preventive Segregation of Duties checks.
  • User-friendly auditing tools which enable you track changes to your critical data. You can set up notifications to automatically notify relevant staff of significant changes, so that they can investigate promptly.