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License Review – Stay Compliant

Are You Compliant With Your Oracle E-Business Suite License Agreement?

License AuditFinancial loss from license misuse is a common risk faced by many Oracle E-Business Suite users.

Having insight into how your organization is using the ERP is an essential part of keeping control of your licensing costs.

But it’s a complex problem.  With hundreds or thousands or users, thousands of functions and processes across multiple modules, deployed via hundreds of complex roles and responsibilities, keeping control of your license usage can be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

It’s also an ongoing requirement.  You can’t just review your application license usage once and then forget about it.  You should revisit it periodically to ensure your license usage remains under control.

License Review Made Simple

License Review greatly simplifies the review process.  It analyzes what your active users have access to in terms of the individual functions and processes, and gives you a detailed analysis of exactly who can do what.

With this raw data, we can determine how many users are likely to require licenses for a given module. This can help ensure that your license usage is closer to what it should be.

Simple and Fully Integrated

License Review is simplicity itself.  Define your license buckets and License Review does the rest.

Everything is embedded directly into Oracle E-Business Suite, with a native look and feel and so users of License Review feel at home.


  • Help control license usage
  • Very easy to use
  • Help avoid unintended costs
  • Substantial time savings