Q Demo Video

Audit Manager for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne – Demo

How long does it take you to identify users who could violate your Segregation of Duties policies? And are you sure you're getting the right answers? In this video, we give you a short demo of Audit Manager, which provides accurate, easily repeatable Segregation of Duties reporting in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. It makes it easy to: • Produce SoD and other audit reports, whenever you need them • Get started quickly with seeded SoD rules, or set up your own rules if you already have them • Report on users with access to Critical/Sensitive data • Eliminate false positives by applying Mitigations to known and accepted violations.

Research Report

GRC 20/20 Solution Perspective: Managing Risk & Controls in Multiple ERP Environments

Managing ERP risk effectively has always been a challenge, but as organizations face constant change, it’s ever more difficult to ensure that internal controls are doing what they are supposed to. This report discusses the problems and explains why companies need to be agile to manage and monitor controls effectively.

Q Demo Video

Periodic Review for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne – Demo

Many customers tell us that the user access review cycle is a nightmare for both IT staff and business managers – but it doesn’t have to be like that. In this video, we give a short demo of Periodic Review. A tool that automates and streamlines the process. It allows you to: • Produce review reports with the touch of a button • Present Business managers with relevant, intelligible information which they can review much more easily • Capture data on approvals, rejections and explanatory notes within your JD Edwards system • Produce evidence for your auditors quickly and easily.