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On-Demand Webinar: Cut Costs and Prevent SoD Violations: Automated, Compliant User Provisioning for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Does fulfilling access requests – or user provisioning in general – take up too much of your helpdesk or CNCs'/system administrators’ time? Do you spend time cleaning up SoD violations, only to find that new ones keep being introduced as users gain new access rights? Attend this webinar to find out how automation can help you stay compliant while cutting provisioning costs: • Self-service access requests are automatically routed to appropriate approver(s) – including requests submitted via external ticketing systems. • Approvers see the results of automated SoD checks before they approve/decline access requests. • If approved, the access is automatically assigned – with no need for any system administrator intervention. • All activity is logged to provide a complete audit trail for your auditors. Our User Admin Manager solution also provides powerful tools and utilities to help you perform many User/Role admin tasks much more efficiently, including terminations and bulk set-up/expiry.


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Video: Best Practice Tips for Compensating Controls on ERP Systems

Compensating Controls are critical to reducing the risk of fraud on your ERP. Ignore them and it could be a heavy price to pay! In this video, security and audit guru, Carrie Curry, discusses Best Practices for Compensating Controls on your ERP system. Firstly, she reviews what a Compensating Control is. Next, Carrie provides helpful tips for designing the controls and talks through some examples.
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