Webinar: Combating Common Application Risks in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne - Configuration

Gaps in application security can lead to fraudulent activity, so it’s crucial to understand the common application risks in JD Edwards, and how to combat them.

In this webinar, the first in a series highlighting risks in specific areas of JDE, security and audit consultants Carrie Curry and Preston Leftwich discuss common risks resulting from Configuration items not being properly and appropriately secured.

To prevent security misconfiguration issues and unauthorized access, it is essential to understand:

  • The risks associated with access to configuration items
  • Controls related to access
  • Common Segregation of Duties rules associated with configuration items
  • How to scan for Access to Configuration items
  • Common operational issues and compensating controls.

This session will cover configuration information related to:

  • Order Activity Rules
  • Automated Cash Receipts
  • Company and Business Units
  • Automated Accounting Instructions
  • Fiscal Periods
  • Post Security Constants
  • User Defined Codes
  • Payee Control.

Join Carrie and Preston to hear practical advice to help you combat these common configuration risks.

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