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Monitor for Common Frauds on your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne System

Are you doing enough to protect your business from fraud?

Brian Stanz
Q Software

PWC’s Global Economic Crime Survey 2016 found that 36% of the organisations they surveyed had experienced economic crime over the previous 2 years. Internal fraudsters were responsible for 46% of the incidents.

The survey also found that less criminal activity is being detected by companies’ own controls. Alarmingly, the findings indicated that 1 in 10 economic crimes are discovered by accident.

Monitoring for changes to key data in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can alert you to suspicious activity. For example:

  • Unauthorized changes to the Address Book and/or Vendor Bank Account details could be symptomatic of “Dummy Company” fraud
  • A large increase in a Vendor Credit Limit may indicate procurement fraud
  • A high percentage increase in an employee’s salary may be suspicious and need investigating!

Such changes are even more likely to be significant if they are applied and then reversed soon afterwards – but E1 doesn’t keep a full history of changes to document what happened.

Watch this webinar to see tools that give you:

  • the only way to track all details on critical changes – i.e. who changed what and when, with ‘before’ and ‘after’ values
  • automated alerts via email or mobile app

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