Q Software Announces New Release of Q Software for JD Edwards World

Introduces Preventive Segregation of Duties Checks on Assigning New Access Rights To Help Customers Reduce the Risk of Fraud and Avoid Compliance Issues

Denver CO, December 11, 2015 – Q Software Global, an Oracle Gold Partner, has today announced the general availability of V5.4 of its suite of security and compliance tools for users of Oracle JD Edwards World.

Major new functionality included in this release enables users to avoid inadvertently introducing Segregation of Duties violations into their JD Edwards World environments when new access rights are added or existing rights are changed. The Q Software solution checks for potential Segregation of Duties conflicts and warns the user before new access is granted.

This release also introduces Mitigation management, to prevent false positives being highlighted where users need to be assigned access that contravenes the Segregation of Duties policy, perhaps due to temporary cover during staff absence. The reason for the mitigation can be documented as evidence for auditors.

“For some time our World SoD module has allowed JD Edwards World users to detect violations that exist in their systems,” said Mike Ward, Vice President of Q Software. “The preventive checks introduced in this release mean that users can immediately see if proposed access will give rise to conflicts. Stopping violations at source reduces risk and decreases the compliance workload when audit time comes round.” V5.4 is available immediately.

About Q Software

Oracle Gold Partner Q Software’s security and compliance solutions help JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite customers to protect their businesses from fraud whilst significantly reducing the cost, effort and complexity of managing risk and demonstrating regulatory compliance. Their productivity tools streamline and deskill time-consuming systems administration tasks, which enables them to be carried out by non-technical staff and reduces the burden on expensive, highly skilled technicians. Founded in the UK in 1996, the company has over 300 customers in 58 countries, serviced by offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and a global network of sales and service partners. www.qsoftware.com


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