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Webinar: Implementing an Efficient Periodic Access Review or User Certification Process in JD Edwards

Periodic Access Reviews are important to achieving and demonstrating compliance, but it can be a long process. Security guru, Carrie Curry, explains how much easier it can be

Periodic Access Review (also known as User Certification) is an important means of achieving and demonstrating compliance. It prompts business managers or role owners to ensure that their users have appropriate access and serves as evidence for IT General Controls surrounding logical access.

But it’s often a highly manual, long drawn out process, prone to error because the business users have to wade through reams of unintelligible data.

Our Periodic Review module lets you conduct the User Certification within your JD Edwards system, using workflows and automated processing to make the whole process much less painful. It:

  • Presents approvers with meaningful, accurate information to review
  • Eliminates the need to manually notify and chase tardy reviewers
  • Fully documents the whole process, giving you a complete audit trail for increased compliance
  • Shortens review cycle times.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear security guru, Carrie Curry, explain how much easier it can be.

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