Demo: QCloud License Audit for Oracle Oracle E-Business Suite

Get a handle on your license position with accurate usage information

Don’t leave yourself liable to pay for additional, unused Oracle licenses. A License Audit involving 30 minutes of effort can prevent this!

In this video, we’ll show you how you can use QCloud License Audit to get accurate statistics on your Oracle E-Business Suite module usage very rapidly, no technical effort needed.

This data will:

  • Help you to determine if you’re compliant with your Oracle ERP license agreement
  • Provide evidence for your license negotiations.

You’ll see how the usage data is presented, allowing you to see how many people are using each EBS module, and who they are.

You can also download the data in a spreadsheet, giving you detailed evidence for your license negotiations, or as a summarized PDF report.

Q Software is a team of experts in ERP security and audit dedicated to helping you reduce the potential fraud risk in your ERP system and making your audit process as smooth as possible.

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