For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Security Manager Pro:
Efficient, Sustainable, Scalable Security

Cut your security management costs by up to 80%

Security Manager ProManaging security in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Security is very complex and time-consuming, with lots of repetition and duplicated effort. Achieving All Doors Closed, as recommended by auditors, is practically impossible with the native tools.

Adopting Roles-Based Access Control (RBAC) helps to reduce complexity and workload by enabling you to manage security for Roles rather than individual users.

To save you more time and make security much easier to manage, Security Manager Pro extends the principles of RBAC even further.

Modular, process-based security for efficient management

People in different roles need access to common business processes, such as Address Book Maintenance.

With Security Manager Pro, you can define the security for your business processes once, as security components, then add them to every role that needs them.  If the process changes, you update the component, and Security Manager Pro automatically flags all the affected roles and users.

Speed up and simplify security by aligning it with your Task Views

Security Manager Pro can save you a lot of effort by generating process-based security components from your Task Views.

It can also automatically include security for the hidden and associated programs that are called by the programs on the Task Views.

Keep your system clean with preventive Segregation of Duties conflict checks

Just as you test new programs before deploying them live, we believe that you need chance to validate new or updated security settings before writing them to your live security table.

With Security Manager Pro, all security settings are stored in a PreBuild table – a custom table held within your JD Edwards environment.  This means that you can run automated checks to identify Segregation of Duties or Multiple Role conflicts BEFORE you build the changes into your live F00950 security table. 

Integrated within JD Edwards: secure and fully auditable

All your security information, including your components, Segregation of Duties rules and PreBuild table, is maintained and stored within your JD Edwards environment.

So it is secure, all changes can be audited and there’s never any doubt about whether you have the correct version, unlike with spreadsheets.

Reduce the workload of managing Task Views by up to 75%

Generating Task Views is a time-consuming, tedious, repetitive process.

Security Manager Pro also includes powerful Task View management productivity tools that eliminate up to 75% of the repetition, reducing the risk of error as well as speeding up development timescales.

Create, copy, and manage Task Views and Fine Cuts efficiently by generating multiple variants very quickly, then refining them to suit the needs of individual Roles or Users.

Find, view and manage items such as Objects and User Favourites much more easily.

Build Task Views during the process analysis phase and share them with users for preview or approval, gaining end-user acceptance at an early stage.


  • Reduce the complexity and workload of managing security
  • Make security changes within minutes
  • Add new roles or users very quickly and easily
  • Greatly reduce the workload and cost of managing Task Views
  • Keep system access clean with preventive conflict checks
  • Less risk of unintended consequences or errors when changes are made
  • Accurate, secure and fully auditable
  • Align security to your Task Views for easy management


Speed up the process of creating new security from scratch by automatically generating security components that grant access in line with your Fine Cut Task Views.

See who can access which Objects and what permissions they have, all in one place.

If you want to keep elements of your existing security, Security Manager Pro can import them from your current F00950 table and convert them into security components.

Where security data is currently held in spreadsheets, these can be imported into the Prebuild Table.

Many Task View programs call other routines that need to be included in your security to enable users to carry out their work. Security Manager Pro can find and include them automatically.

New security types were introduced to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to support UDOs such as Pages, One View reports, Grid Formats and Watchlists. Security records for these UDOs are held in a second security file (F00950W), making security management even more complex.

With Security Manager Pro you can set up UDO Security Components and add them to Roles and/or Users alongside standard Security Components. All the security records are automatically written to the correct tables.

Scan PreBuild security to identify SoD and Multiple Role conflicts before you build your live security.

We supply a set of SoD rules developed in conjunction with experienced auditors, or you can maintain your own.

Scan PreBuild security to identify SoD and Multiple Role conflicts before you build your live security.

Rules can be applied at Object (program), Duties (groups of Programs) or Role level, so they can be as granular as you need.

The Single Risk Object rule lets you monitor access to high risk programs (such as Bank Accounts or Next Numbers) which enable a user to commit fraud.

2 types of Net Effect Enquiries – Application Security and Row Security – quickly show you whether a user can access particular applications or data items, and at what level the prevailing security is held.

They display the applicable security settings at all levels (ie *Public, Role and User) and calculate the Net Effect to show you whether the User can access the specified item or not.

Security Manager Pro comprises custom programs and tables which are held within your JD Edwards environment.

This means that:

  • Access to the security programs and tables can be restricted to authorized users
  • Any changes made are fully auditable
  • Everything you do is stored in tables within your ERP system and can be reported upon using our tools or your preferred reporting solution
  • There’s never a need to search for the right spreadsheet or worry about version control

View Task Views in a tree structure:

  • Drill down into Sub Tasks, selecting items as you go to generate Fine Cut.

Or maintain Task Views / Fine Cut in a grid format for easier viewing:

  • The grid also highlights any native security settings that are in place.

Copy/Move/Delete Task Views:

  • Complete with all settings and subfolders

Copy Fine Cut:

  • When two Roles have similar Fine Cut settings you can copy from one Role to another, so you only need to change the settings that differ.

Roll back:

  • If changes are made then need to be undone, the Task can be rolled back to its previous state.


  • Show which Task Views a specified object is attached to, which Roles/Users can access it, and the routes they can take to reach it.

Manage / Copy User Favorites:

  • Ensure Favorites initiate current versions of programs.

Web-based application:

  • Allows Task Views to be viewed by other people over the Web during development.

Import/Export Task View and Role information from/to .csv files.

“Using Security Manager Pro has enabled us to standardize and rationalize – saving an enormous amount of work. Without it, I can’t see how we would have coped.”

Scot Forge