For JD Edwards World A9.3+

World Analyzer:
Security Analysis and Management

The easy way to secure your JD Edwards World environment

Security Manager ProUp to Release A9.3, managing security with the native JD Edwards World tools was very complex.

Most companies used a combination of Application Security and Navigation Control, but the hierarchical relationship of Users/Groups/*Public often resulted in complex configuration and security settings that were time-consuming to manage.

They also made it very difficult to establish exactly what a User or Group could access, let alone restrict access appropriately to reduce the risk of fraud.

World Analyzer makes it easy for you to find out exactly what people can access. Working in conjunction with the new security controls in JD Edwards World A9.3+, it also makes it much easier to implement an All Doors Closed (ADC) security strategy, as recommended by auditors.

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Find and fix security issues from a single screen

Whatever combination of controls you use, World Analyzer displays the net effect of them in a single screen, taking into account all the complexities of the hierarchical User/Group/*Public relationship – so you can see exactly what access a User/Group has.

You can then use the new Action code Inquiry and Report Writer Form, on/off locks, to rapidly close security gaps.


  • Better protection for less cost and effort
  • Interrogate and manage security in one place
  • Find and fix security risks quickly and easily
  • Quickly answer auditors' questions and produce the evidence they need


Select any user profile to find what JD Edwards or custom programs they can access, how the access is achieved by all access routes (including low-level calls within programs) and what actions they can perform..

Select any JD Edwards or custom program to find which users have access, how the access is achieved by all access routes (including low-level calls within programs) and what actions can be performed.

Results of World Analyzer searches can be viewed online or exported for offline analysis.

Security updates can be applied directly from World Analyzer. Before changes are applied, checks are carried out to assess whether the new settings would violate your SoD rules, and display a warning if they do.

Quickly find information on who can access menus; all users who can access specific menus, all menus that specific users can access, all menu routes that a particular user can take to reach other menus and specific programs and all applied masking selections. Menu security can be updated in blocks.

Shows security settings for all programs. Filters allow you to identify objects which are not properly protected and programs that interact with critical files.